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Our motto at Clavis Publishing is "we make children's dreams come true!". We believe that our books stimulate the imagination and dreams of the future generations. If children can realize their dreams, they will build a better world and a better future. We're convinced that the world of tomorrow will resemble the dreams of today's children.

Coming soon: The Boy and The Egg

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Coming soon: The Boy and The Egg

Whitley Clavis

written by Ellen DeLange and illustrated by Martina Heiduczek


One more week until our first new title of 2019 will be published! This honor goes to The Boy and The Egg, written by Ellen DeLange and illustrated by Martina Heiduczek. Scroll down to read more about it, hear from the author, get a preview and see where you can (pre-)order it!



A boy discovers an egg and
wonders what is inside.
Could it be a turtle?
A dinosaur? A new pet? 

Filled with humor and wonder
this imaginative picture book
is for nature lovers big and small.


Preview pages:

The Story behind the Story

New ideas for children’s books often arise when I am walking in the woods with my dogs, when I am out sailing on the water or while I am enjoying cups of fresh ginger tea. During these mindful moments, I have some time to not think at all… just wonder, be amazed and let my imagination run freely… This is also how I came up with the idea for my latest book in which a boy finds an egg. The boy takes the abandoned egg home and has the wildest fantasies about what will come out… Will the hatched animal be the friend he had imagined?

- Ellen


Early Reviews

“An incredibly charming story about discovery, research, and the power of curiosity in young people. Highly recommended.”
– Rogene Carter (Educator)

“Cute and fun story about acceptance and tolerance. There is humor but also a good message and all of it is well illustrated. Good job!”
– Etienne Breton

“Well, that was too cute! The Boy and the Egg is a short, adorable read with precious whimsical illustrations! I will be honest and say that I chose this book based on the illustration style alone. But the story ended up being just as whimsical and sweet. With bright colors, an engaging storyline, and child-like curiosity, this story will engage even the squirmiest of little ones! I highly recommend this, and will likely grab a hardcopy as soon as it's available!”
– Sarah Grace Grzybowski


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