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Our motto at Clavis Publishing is "we make children's dreams come true!". We believe that our books stimulate the imagination and dreams of the future generations. If children can realize their dreams, they will build a better world and a better future. We're convinced that the world of tomorrow will resemble the dreams of today's children.

Baba Yaga

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Baba Yaga


Baba Yaga


“The illustrations are absolutely fabulous and the book is worth reading just for those alone.” - Yellowstone Library

Once upon a time, in a land far away from here, lived a girl named Olga. Olga lived with her father in a beautiful house, and they were very happy together. Until Olga’s father one day fell in love again … His new wife was cruel and mean. And her sister Baba Yaga, who lived in a dark forest, was even meaner. Baba Yaga was a witch! It was said that she was fond of children … for dinner! One day Olga’s stepmother sent her to Baba Yaga. What was she supposed to do now?

Baba Yaga, the witch from Slavonic mythology is coming alive in this fairy tale. An Leysen draws you into an imaginative story about a wicked witch and a sweet and brave little girl. For children ages 5 and up.


Hardcover | 56 pages | 10.25 x 9.75 | ISBN: 9781605372907
Author-illustrator: An Leysen

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