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Our motto at Clavis Publishing is "we make children's dreams come true!". We believe that our books stimulate the imagination and dreams of the future generations. If children can realize their dreams, they will build a better world and a better future. We're convinced that the world of tomorrow will resemble the dreams of today's children.

Thaïs Vanderheyden

Biography of Thaïs Vanderheyden, author and illustrator of the children's picture book "Pip’s Big Hide-and-Seek", published by Clavis Publishing, New York.


Thaïs Vanderheyden

Hello, I’m Thaïs. I was born in Bruges (Belgium) on the 15th of March 1976 as the second child of a very artistic mommy and a surgeon daddy. As far as I remember I held a pencil between my fingers. I won every drawing-competition in kindergarten and the most precious gift I ever got from my mom was my first real Kolinsky-brush. I drove my neighbours crazy with the weekly organisation of art expositions in our greenhouse…

When I grew up I went to study Art History at the Catholic University of Leuven. I worked as a scriptwriter for Belgian national children’s television channel (KETNET), in the atelier of Brussels’ paper artist Isabelle de Borchgrave, and I travelled around the globe with my husband (and a backpack of course) for 2 fantastic years.

Since I was a kid I fell in love with children’s books and that love never faded. The idea of making one myself was always on my mind, but it took me several years to go for it…

A while ago I visited Clavis Editions in Hasselt (Belgium) with some of my drawings. One year later my first book was a fact, and many other projects were started. I often wish for 6 more hands and 100 hours in a day to realise all the stories and ideas in my head!!

A dream come true and will be continued…